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Most of us want to be fit and thin so that we look sexier, or fit into our clothes better.  But did you know you now have a better reason to stay fit and healthy?  The well being of your unborn baby.

A new study has shown a link between overweight and obese moms and a greater frequency of a preterm birth.  This also comes with other serious health problems from being born early.  And some of the study group had births as early as prior to 32 weeks.

From the study it appears that with overweight and obese women carry a 30 percent greater risk of a preterm baby.  Earlier than 37 weeks.  And the heavier you are the greater the risk.  For very obese moms the risk climbs to over double at 70%.

There is also a similar increased risk for early preterm birth.  that would be a birth earlier than 32 or 33 weeks.  And these risks increase for really obese women over that of overweight and just obese moms.

With the increased risk of a preterm baby comes what happens to the preterm baby.  Preterm babies have lower birth weight.  They have a higher incidence of morbidity.  So we’re talking about a higher death rate for these preterm babies.

The problem is getting worse.  It’s now shown that the most common cause of complications from pregnancy in most of the developed countries is the result of overweight and obese moms.  That’s a startling reflection on how the number of overweight and obese women have increased over the years.  In Canada it’s been reported that almost 30% of the women are overweight, and almost a quarter of the women are obese.  Pretty sad statistics about the state of health in the developed world.

Part of the problem lies with the assumption that pregnant moms are eating for two now.  And that is just not true.  If a normal diet consists of 1500 to 2000 calories, if you thought you were eating for two you might just end up eating 3000 to 4000 calories.  When in reality, as a pregnant mom, you only need to add about 300 calories onto your diet for your baby.  With all those extra calories, it’s no wonder there are so many obese and overweight pregnant moms.

But when you’re pregnant it’s probably not the right time to go on a food restricting diet.  So you should definitely get into shape prior to getting pregnant.  And after you are pregnant make really sure that you only increase your caloric intake by about 300 calories.

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Have you ever tried to change a habit of yours or even just a regular behavior that you do? It was difficult for you at best. You might have even given up on it before too long because you kept sliding back to your old ways. There’s a good reason for that, and I’ll tell you why.

As you read through the rest of this article you’re going to have a better understanding of how your mind works, and why you do the things that you do without thinking. These things are called habits. We create habits to help us get through the day. These habitual behaviors are responsible for most of the things we do without any conscious thought. Which hand you use to hold your knife, which foot gets your sock first, what thought pops into your mind when the phone rings. All pre programmed behaviors that have no reliance on any conscious decision making.

And all of that is a great benefit for you. If you were bogged down with having to make a choice with everything you do, you’d get even less done than you already do. So while our unconscious behaviors are being processed automatically, our conscious processes continue. We can think about what we’re going to do in the next few hours, who we need to speak with, what letter or email we need to answer. All the things that do need some decision making in order to respond properly.

We originally created those habits by learning the behaviors consciously. Think about the first time you put on a sock. You probably struggled getting the sock spread apart at the opening enough to get your toes inside. You might’ve even caught a couple of very little toes on the outside as the the rest of your little toes slid in. You might have rolled around on the floor as you lost your balance with your little leg up in the air.

That was all conscious effort. But getting dressed is a daily requirement. And you repeated this process daily on a conscious level. Until one day magically, you stopped thinking about it. You just did it! What happened was that the part of your mind that keeps your habits decided that this behavior must be important because you’re doing it all the time. And it’s the same. There’s no need to have to choose or make a decision about this behavior, it just needs to get doe. So that part of your mind allowed this behavior to become a habit. And it remained there.

So to make something a habit you need to do it repeatedly over and over again. In the case of putting on your socks, you might have to wait weeks for that to become a habit because you usually only put on your socks once a day. But what if you did it 10 or 20 times a day? would that make the habit creation faster? Yes it would! But that would be cumbersome and time consuming still. We could use our mind to make the process extremely fast.

It has been shown that when we imagine something with enough vividness our body’s response is the same as if we are actually doing it. So we can mentally rehearse any behavior and our body will practice doing that behavior as if it is actually happening. How do we do it vividly enough? With self hypnosis, that’s how!

Self hypnosis is a way of using your mind more effectively. Here’s a quick and simple example. Sit in a chair. Keep your arms and legs uncrossed, and make sure that you are comfortable. Breath in deeply two or three times and then close your eyes. Using your imagination, imagine yourself doing some behavior that you would like to make part of your routine. See yourself doing that behavior as vividly as possible. Add in the different senses to your imagined behavior. What it looks like, sounds like, smells like, tastes like, feels like. And keep imagining that behavior being performed by you over and over until you’ve spend about 3 minutes doing that. Bring yourself out of this daydreaming like state, and notice how comfortable you feel.

Take that process and do it a few more times during the day. Remember, repetition is the process that creates habits, so the more often you do this the quicker this behavior will become your new habit.

When we think of weight loss and how to accomplish it, we usually believe it works by the formula of food in, energy out. This should create a comfortable weight maintenance program. Or using an equation:

X Calories – X Activity = 0 gain/loss of weight.

This simplistic version is what we use when we diet. There is more to weight loss and weight maintenance than this simple equation. Because we are complex and constantly adjusting organisms.  If we are used to a certain amount of food coming in, then when we shift gears quickly our body might not respond the way we expected.  In addition there is also the attitude we have toward food and how it controls us.

Let me first explain about how our constantly changing body can affect our weight loss plans.  You, like most every other organism placed on this planet are designed to live.  You are programmed to live long enough to reproduce and create the next generation.  In the grand scheme of things that is all we humans are really designed to do.   Just accomplish that simple task of living long enough to be able to replicate.

So there is no mechanism in place to be skinny.  The struggle to survive is supposed to help us maintain a healthy enough existence to survive long enough to reproduce.  And since we reach puberty around 13 years of age, we really only need to survive for 13 or 14 short years.  Probably a little longer, so we can care for our young until they can fend for themselves.

Here’s the problem.  The struggle for survival isn’t what it used to be.  So you don’t exert that much energy to survive as we used to.  That means you have to create activity so that you don’t become overweight.  There is also another factor that comes into play that has to do with your genetic survival toolkit.

If our body senses a drop in calories it will respond by slowing down our usage of food supplies.  Your food is stored as fat, so when I say food supplies I mean that your fat usage drops down.  You can rev up the exercise rate, but if food usage or metabolism drops, it will be hard to lose weight.  That’s your survival toolkit.

The way around that survival mode is to eat enough food to keep your metabolism at a normal or increased level.  You certainly don’t want your metabolism to drop.  So it’s important not to adopt a drastic drop in calories like some of the more restrictive diets require.  Depending upon your frame size, age and gender you probably want to maintain somewhere around 1500- 2000 calories of food a day.

This is not as difficult to maintain as you may think.  Because mostly you have been eating in response to emotions and not the need for calories it becomes a matter of changing your attitudes, and emotional responses that revolve around food.  Food does not satisfy emotions, so you can continue to eat without feeling “full”.  Because the “full” feeling you are looking for is to satisfy the emotion.  A correct response to food is to feel physically full and satisfied.

Depending on how much out of shape your stomach has become, you can take back control of this mechanism and be free to live your life while your body finds equilibrium.  This happens when you focus on what you are eating and in what amounts.  This also requires that you set boundaries as far as where and when you allow yourself to eat and not eat.

All of these things can be accomplished on your own or with the help of hypnosis for weight loss.  Using these advanced tools for coming to terms with emotional eating and being freed from that driving force that serves no positive function is a very liberating experience.

Boy this internet stuff is a real distraction or a boon to our knowledge base.  I just read an interesting article about hypnosis for weight loss.  It had a bunch of things that I liked about it.  You can check it out here:


I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

The Secret To Permanent Weight Loss

There is a secret to permanent weight loss.  It is something that every successful weight loss participant has followed and kept up with.  I’m going to let you in on this secret in this post and it does have to do with the way New York hypnosis is done.  It is something that you will want to know about, and it’s something that will be easy for you to do.  It also won’t take very long to accomplish.

Is A Fasting Detox Important?

When anyone attempts to go on a diet, they are attempting to lose weight.  But not just any weight.  They are attempting to lose weight from fat.  Coincidentally, fat is where most of the poisons we ingest are stored.  Our body acts like a filter, and anything that we cannot metabolize, digest, break down and use in a way that sustains our life, we will store or get rid of.  Many of the poisons we ingest are so foreign to us, that our body doesn’t know how to deal with them.  So it is stored away in our fat cells.  So when we start to lose weight, and the fat starts to be dumped into our removal system to be excreted by our body, the poison is dumped into our body along with it.

Unintentional Detox Fasting

This weight loss then becomes an unintentional detox.  And if you are knowledgeable about detoxing you will be way ahead of the game.  There are specific actions that you can do that will assist you in detoxing. This will also assist you in fat loss.  This is a double barreled approach to weight loss.  Not only will you be able to lose weight, fat, and poisons, but you will be assisting your weight loss long after your detox program is over.  Because once the poisons are out of your system, it becomes easier to lose fat.

How To Jump Start With A Healthy Detox

If you are looking to lose weight for the swim suit season you can start right now with a quick program that will assist you in detoxing and getting a jump start on your weight loss.  Take the first 3 to 7 days of your weight loss program and make it into cleansing fast. By following a simple and specific protocol you will be assisting your body in releasing toxins, losing weight, and bringing it into a healthy equilibrium.

The Dangers Of Holistic Detox

There are dangers to doing a detox if you don’t adhere to some simple principles to keep yourself safe. First off, go see your doctor and get his approval for any weight loss or detox program you wish to follow. I am not a doctor, and can only relate to you my own experiences with my cleansing fast and other weight loss programs.  I cannot and will not take your weight loss and body cleansing detox on as my responsibility.  You have to take responsibility for your own health and actions.  That’s only fair, because at the end of your program you will totally own your wonderful fit body.  You must supply your body with enough nutrition to keep yourself healthy and thriving.  The basis of this program is not to starve yourself, but to flood your body with nutrients and detox herbs that are necessary for vibrant health.  So it’s important to eat as much of the foods recommended as your body asks for.

The Basics For A Fasting Detox

The first thing you need to do is to gather up a bunch of organic veggies.  Make sure that you include cabbage, Kale and other green leafy vegetables.  Make a large pot of soup with the veggies.  This will be your main meal during your healthy detox.  Eat as much of this soup as you want.  Whenever you get hungry, eat a bowl or more of this soup.  There is no limit to how much you can eat of this soup, so knock yourself out.  You can also drink as much water, green juices, and herbal teas as you want.  It’s a pretty simple and straightforward detox diet.  Stay on it for 3 to 7 days.

Every Season Marks Your Natural Body Detox

The Chinese medical model offers a detox for each of the 4 seasons.  The spring time is the recommended time for cleansing the liver.  There are specific herbs that are recommended to assist in this liver cleansing. Liver detox herbs include burdock, dandelion, and milk thistle.   Follow the program along with the herbal support for a liver detox and you can be wearing your favorite swimsuit in time for summer season.  When you combine this with hypnosis weight loss New York you increase your success.  And the good news is that you will have a significant weight loss in a short amount of time and reduce your cravings and appetite at the same time.

Get some free weight loss help with a free self hypnosis course on weight loss hypnosis in New York at this expert site.

Covers days 22 – 28

Four weeks ago I weighed 197 pounds (97.5 kilos) and my aim was to lose weight at the rate of one pound (450 grams) per week until I was down to 180 pounds; without giving up any food that I like. That is a reasonable weight for a man who is a little over 6 feet (1.83m) tall. At my Friday evening weigh-in my weight was 190 pounds (94 kilos) and that puts me three weeks ahead of schedule in only my fourth week.

Health wise I have regained much aerobic fitness and my muscles are firming. I now wish that I had recorded waist, hip and thigh measurements before I started and was able to give news on what I measure. Unfortunately I’m not a scientific person and only work by my waist belt – the news on that is good. At the end of week two I was able to suck everything in and take my belt up by a notch, today that extra notch is very comfortable and maybe just a little slack. My feelings are very positive about deciding to go on this program and it is no trouble to keep up with, as my weight loss to date indicates. In fact I doubt whether the program will run for seventeen weeks because weight is disappearing at the rate of one and three quarter pounds each week rather than the one-pound I targeted at the start.

During the week I received an email from a follower of the program asking me to clarify the method of taking your own pulse when exercising. You will recall that we exercise three times weekly for ten-minutes or until our pulse rate increases by 50%. Here are the rules for taking your own pulse.

– You cannot take your pulse with your thumb; it has to be with a finger.

– Place the back of your left wrist into your right palm and curl right fingers around to the inside of your left wrist. Feel for the pulse.

– When you have located your pulse count how many beats in six-seconds.

– Because six seconds is one-tenth of a minute you just add a zero to the number of beats counted in six seconds and this will give your rate per minute. For instance: If you count seven beats in six seconds your normal pulse rate is 70 per minute.

– To increase your pulse by 50% from 70 per minute you need to increase to 105 beats per minute – which is between 10 and 11 beats per six-seconds. Easy isn’t it?

As you get fitter you will find that it takes more than ten-minutes to raise your pulse rate by 50%; you just keep exercising until you achieve the required increase. In the early days you may find that you only need to exercise for 5-minutes to achieve the required pulse rate. That’s fine, don’t push it, and just stop exercising when you have achieved the 50% increase.

I’m going to make my bacon sandwich now. Like I said I give up nothing that I like for more than one day.

This article is copyright © David McCarthy 2006.

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How close are researchers in their discovery of a magic pill for weight loss? When Phentermine was introduced for the first time, people thought that they have finally found the drug that they were always looking for. In fact, there is always the euphoria whenever a new weight loss drug is launched. Over-weight, unlike other illnesses takes time to be cured. Besides the treatment is often too onerous demanding too much perseverance from the individual. With every drug that is launched, people expect that they will be relieved from weight without this struggle. Does phentermine reach the expectations of people?

Phentermine continues to be popular until today. It is one of the most purchased weight loss drugs all around the world. Around 50% of the weight loss drugs have phentermine as a major ingredient in them. In spite of this, the popularity of phentermine has not been because it reached people’s expectations. It was an advancement over the drugs at the time in the weight loss segment.

Phentermine is helpful to treat the overweight condition. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that belongs to the class of drugs known as Anorectics. They affect serotonin levels in the brain and thus decrease food cravings. In this manner, the individual feels lesser consumption of food and calories.

Phentermine does not make tall promises. It does not claim to be a magical pill. People who use it will however find acceleration in the rate of reduction in fat. Therefore, taking phentermine along with balanced diet and daily workout will surely give positive results. People who are suffering from obesity and obesity related diseases must only use phentermine pills. Those who are undergoing medication for heart problems will be advised to stay away from phentermine.

Phentermine is available in two different formulas. These are immediate release or time-release formulas. Phentermine pills with an immediate release formula create an immediate impact. As soon as they are taken, they will enter the blood stream and begin the action. Time-release Phentermine capsules differ from these, since they will release the medicine into the body over an extended period of time, which spans over 8 to 12 hours.

It is advised that people who are undergoing treatment with phentermine tablets or capsules may not engage in hazardous and difficult work like driving, operating machinery etc. The period of use of phentermine will be for shorter terms such as 12 weeks.

Even after a patient stops using Phentermine, ones body will not be acclimatized to this immediately. It will need time to adjust, with the time depending on the quantum of Phentermine being used and the period of use.

Use of phentermine does not mean that we stop eating properly or lead a sedentary lifestyle. Phentermine will work well only if individual gives continued attention to these two aspects of life.

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There are no effortless or painless ways of losing substantial amounts of weight. All the current slimming pills, devices and surgical procedures for weight loss are of limited effectiveness. Many of these so-called best weight loss programs carry significant risks and should only be contemplated in extreme cases. Many weight loss products and devices are frankly fraudulent. Substantial weight loss requires the body to be in prolonged energy deficit but we have evolved a very efficient body mechanism that drives us to eat enough food to prevent energy deficit. Our control mechanism may permit, or even encourage, overeating but nature makes energy deficit very uncomfortable. Medically, it is referred to as “Hynoscript.” Every person has an inborn weight control mechanism, a set point that attempts to maintain a particular amount of fat on the body.

When we diet we are trying to resist these powerful, natural urges that normally prevent energy deficit. Appetite suppressant drugs may reduce these drives, weight loss hypnosis may help us to resist them and dietary manipulations may maximize the satiating power of each food calorie. Ultimately, however, the dieter is still going to have to endure considerable discomfort and exercise considerable willpower to lose a lot of weight. Despite this pessimistic conclusion and despite all the hurdles, anyone who does achieve prolonged energy deficit will lose weight. Weight loss is not impossible for anyone if they are determined enough, persistent enough and if they have a sound weight loss program.

Most weight gain problems are the direct result of our own habits. We eat too much and exercise too little. This fact has advanced the healthcare and weight-loss industries as the largest in our society today. Many people each year disappointed with the orthodox forms of treatments seek out various methods to help them lose unwanted pounds, such as acupressure, magnet therapy, and weight loss hypnosis. There is still no concrete evidence to validate these therapies. However, if you want to try weight loss hypnosis, try to have an open mind but do not count on it working. The treatment of obesity through hypnosis or hypnotism can be helpful for people who are not able to resist the temptation to eat more food, in spite of being aware that obesity is a hazardous syndrome.

What you are trying to achieve by using weight loss hypnosis is a change in your eating habits or your set point that will keep you healthy and allow you to eat enough to reach and maintain your ideal weight. If using weight loss hypnosis you can keep your weight down for three years you will have established a new set point and it will be easy to maintain your lower weight. Think of your weight loss hypnosis as a thermostat that regulates your weight. It is nonetheless advisable to follow a low-calorie whole foods diet, along with your weight loss hypnosis. And as with any professional service, validate the hypnotist’s credentials and check references.


The responsibility for the success or failure of any weight loss hypnosis ultimately lies with the dieter rather than the hypnotist or therapist. The professional can only empower and encourage the dieter. This is a difficult concept for many dieters and professionals to accept. Normally, when we consult a doctor about an injury or illness, our role as “patients” is seen as a largely passive one – we are required merely to take the prescribed drugs. The professional’s skill in selecting and carrying out the correct treatment is seen as the crucial factor for successful recovery. Weight loss hypnosis is at the opposite end of this spectrum of control. In weight loss hypnosis, the expert can usually do no more than provide information, advice and encouragement. The success of failure of the treatment depends largely upon the patient’s ability to understand, interpret and successfully implement the treatment plan.

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Today’s World is the age of competition and to be ahead of others one needs to be smart and dashing. In this regard, weight is the most distracting factor that hinders the youths in present day scenerio. To over come the over weight factor, there are various medicines and pills available in the market. But all these medicines do not fulfill the requirement of loosing weight and at same time you invite various types of side effects. Here is a magic pill that will help you in shedding your extra weight in shortest possible of time with out any side effects. This magic pill is none other than Phentermine.This medicine has been showing best results and is commonly recommended by the health authorities for all of the age groups.

Phentermine started to spread its roots from 1950 onwards and do due its positive results it was approved by the FDA in the year 1959. Phentermine is a medicine that makes you slim you in a short period when compared to other medicines available in the industry. Various people and dieters have been using this medicine for the last 55 years. The main cause of increase in weight is the metabolism and this particular magic pill reduces the metabolism and helps the individual to fight against obesity battle. Phentermine has provided a new dimension in the field of medicine. The process of medication is simple and pleasant.

Phentermine contains amine, which resembles to amphetamine and various properties of phentermine are similar to that of amphetamines chemical. There are two methods that help to reduce weight with the help of Phentermine. First method is by stimulating the central nervous process that helps in reducing the food intake or the appetite of the individual. In this process, the neurotransmitters available in hypothalamus are affected and make the nervous system active.

The second method utilized in Phentermine is, increasing the heart beat rate of an individual and in turn the metabolic rate is increased to the required level that helps in destroying the extra calories. Along with this Phentermine, if regular and simple exercises are performed, it provides a faster result.
It is advised that you should follow the calorie controlled diet schedule along with the regular exercises.

Both these programs work in conjunction with each other so that one can achieve the result in quickest possible time. In case of the first medication, if the results are not up to satisfactory level then you have to provide enough rest to the body and then only you should start the second medication process.
There are various combinations followed nowadays and one among them is the union of Phentermine and Fenfluramine and that is popularly known as Phen Fen. Even though this combination was effective but resulted in various side effects of hearts. Due to the heart problems the FDA was forced to withdraw the approval but Phentermine was not blamed for the side effects.

Second combination was with the Dexfenfluramine and that was known as Dexphen-Phen but in this case also, the Dexfenfluramine was not up to the satisfactory levels of the FDA approval.

Next combination was with Prozac and was called as Phen Pro.The Prozac may be replaced either with Luvox, Trazadone, Celexa, and Effexor or with Zoloft.
Nowadays, this combination is very popular as there are no side effects of this combination and in other words, it is a super slimming cocktail available in the World so far. In case of United States of America, this super combination is normally recommended by the health practioners to their patients but yet there is no approval from the FDA authorities. The major advantages of Phen-Pro combination are that it has longer effects to hinder the appetite strongly and the phentermine is well suited for over-weight patients.

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The typical human form is capable of achieving a number of incredible feats that seem to suspend or defy the way science tells us things work. Athletes, through sheer willpower, can end up lifting something that their bodies should not be able to without suffering anything worse than muscle spasms. People can adapt to extreme physical trauma caused by a car accident and defy predictions that they’ll never walk again. While, in general, these amazing feats are useful in a number of situations, there are physical reactions that some people look upon with quite a bit of disfavor. Among these “disfavored reactions” is something known as a “weight loss plateau.”

Essentially, the “plateau” is a term used to describe a situation where the body has become incapable of losing any further weight, usually due to developing a tolerance for the weight loss pills and methods being used. Essentially, the plateau is hit when the body develops tolerance for the regimen’s limitations and practices, thus allowing the metabolic rate of the body to adjust to whatever weight loss pills or techniques were being used. Most diet books decidedly ignore the existence of the plateau, primarily because it can be seen as negating the purpose of the diet and is, therefore, bad for marketing. There are, however, ways to counteract the human body building a tolerance for training regimens and weight loss pills.

The human metabolism, when presented with a pattern, will eventually adapt to that pattern. It is this natural adaptability of the human body that can cause the weight loss plateau, particularly if the person’s diet and eating habits have been altered for weight loss. As such, changing the pattern will, once a sufficient amount of time has passed, allow your diet plan or weight loss pills to become effective again. This trick essentially involves confusing the human metabolism, and is often taken as a rather drastic way to get the body back in “diet mode.” There are, of course, several ways to effectively alter that pattern without causing the body permanent harm.

Adding strength and weight training and modifying one’s exercise program can also help someone get past the plateau, in most cases. The body will still burn through nutrients during physical activity, though the digestive system’s metabolic rate can adapt such that more weight is retained rather than burned during exercise. Increasing the difficulty of the exercises, or changing the movements to target less-developed muscle areas, can effectively force the body to re-adapt. While the body is busy adapting to the changes, it can also start losing weight again. This method is best used with alterations to the person’s diet, however, to maximize the effectiveness.

Another trick used to circumvent the problem of the plateau is to make changes to the time frame between meals. The internal clock that the human body’s digestive system operates on can be altered to suit one’s purposes, provided one executes the proper alterations to one’s diet and eating habits. A simple action like altering the schedule of the meals, such as adding more meals but reducing the bulk of each, can have an appreciable effect on altering the metabolic rate. The key concept of this method is to fool the body into burning the food faster, thus getting one’s weight loss program and diet back on track.

When considering the options, it is helpful to keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for another person. Some slower metabolisms may require combination of diet program and exercise regimen modifications, while others can get by with merely shortening the break between meals. The critical point is to find a method that works and is effective for a specific metabolism, which can be a time-consuming process.

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