Getting Fit and Healthy in 2009

Getting Fit and Healthy in 2009
By Mark Parker

It’s that time again. A new year has arrived and so have the resolutions that come with it. Resolutions come in many forms, some of which we have little control over, such as the resolve to get rich, and some which we can realistically expect to see through. Probably the most common resolutions involve self improvement, and of those there are three which most usually go unfulfilled.

First of those is the resolve to lose weight. We are notoriously overweight as a nation and we suffer terrible consequences because of it. Heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and joint disorders are some of the most frequent side effects of carrying excess weight. Health professionals warn constantly that we need to improve our diets and get more quality exercise, and we all want to. But sadly, the majority of us fall back into the same old eating habits, and find little time for exercise in our busy lives. We aren’t looking ahead enough to realize that we are actually cutting our lives short by not making proper weight, good eating habits and regular exercise a priority.

Then there are those of us who still struggle with nicotine addiction. Although good progress has been made, still too many people spend enormous sums of money, and put their health in extreme danger because they simply can’t find a way to break the grip of nicotine. This is a powerfully addictive substance, and has been compared to heroin in its physical hold over the user. The resolution to give up smoking has been made, and the battle lost, millions of times, and many thousands have lost their lives for want of way to help them in the effort.

But there is good news. People have changed their lives for the better, and the secret is in a structured, focused and supported program. When trying to accomplish any of these things, weight loss, regular exercise or smoking cessation, it’s difficult to go it alone. There needs to be a set path to follow, and steady encouragement along the way. Positive feedback, the ability to see results and regular progress towards an established goal are the kind of input that humans respond best to. Not unlike being coached at an athletic endeavor, we can endure the discomfort and hardship that these lifestyle changes will require, if only we can see steady progress.

In losing weight, there are now programs which provide the correct foods, in the necessary amounts, but which make them as satisfying as the treats we’re accustomed to enjoying. The pain of denial is numbed, and the goal is more attainable.

Exercise has its own natural reward. Regular and proper exercise causes the release of endorphins, and a marked lift in mood. It’s common for athletes, and even those who have a regular exercise regimen such as runners, to experience a physical craving for exercise, known as “workout withdrawal” if their normal exercise routine is missed. With the encouragement of something as simple as the workout routines widely available on DVD, an individual can soon find that they can’t do without regular exercise.

Smoking cessation aids have made wonderful advances in recent years. The “nicotine gums” which used to be available only by prescription, are now over the counter remedies. New, prescription based drugs are available, said to work within the brain and reduce the pleasurable effects of nicotine, thereby slowly releasing the individual of its grip. Hypnosis is having excellent results by replacing the pleasure of nicotine with something much less enjoyable, and all this done at the subconscious level. The results of hypnosis have been reported to be immediate, in both smoking cessation and chronic overeating.

Yes, it’s time again for those new years resolutions. But this year, consider a path which will offer more real opportunity for success. This is all about a better, more fit and healthy 2009.

Mark Parker.
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