Find out about the facts, myths Bust & Learn How long to lose weight!

Ask ten people in your gym of the most effective means for the flat stomach, you probably mean different answers. Do we really know the results in the muscles or not?
However most importantly, like many of us to what we know.

Thereafter, the seven common exercise myths

Myth1: morning fasting Cardio raises more fat:

Reduction program facts There is no scientific evidence to tomorrow fat theory. There is also a greater chance of you “on the wall”, if this myth. “If you click on an empty stomach, then the energy is much faster than the quality of the exercise of decline,” says Gerard Recio, Senior Sports Performance specialists. If you prefer, make the morning sessions, it is better, something easy to digest before exercising. Of the day is not so important, do so on a uniform basis is more important.

Myth 2: muscle weighs more than fat

Many say that muscle weighs more than fat. But the truth is that the weight of a kilo of muscles like a kilo of fat. Thus, a kilo of something. Do not think I am ridiculous to say, as a result. You will be surprised to know that “no weight to lose, you can lose weight in years. The truth is, muscle is denser than fat, meaning that the muscles, one kilo less space that takes a kilo of fat, so you slim without weight.

Myth 3: Low-intensity exercise burns more fat:

The same is true during the year but not after. At lower intensity exercise burns a higher percentage of calories from fat than carbohydrates, such as carbohydrates are spared for a greater intensity of activities. But in reality, the number of calories burned is more important than the type of fuel used during training over the intensity of more calories are burned. This also increases the metabolism so that more calories burned after exercise.

Myth No. 4: You can eat what you want, as long as you practice:

They want are true …. but unfortunately this is not reality. Not all fats in our favorite junk food on the surface. Some of the bodies removed for institutions, such as visceral fat. This accumulation of fat is particularly dangerous to health. Thus, it is ordered, reward yourself to deal from time to time, not always.

Myth 5: Women, weight lifting and muscle male:

Many women seem to think a few squats and the poor, it is the loops that bodybuilders in magazines. Gerard Recio, senior specialist of sport that you are very hard training and eating at the expense of calories than muscle volume. The gym is very important for women because it strengthens muscle and bone mass, reducing vulnerability to osteoporosis (abnormal loss of bone porous bones so fragile on a lack of calcium – It is very often in the post – women). Moreover, even the muscles of metabolism and loss of thickness.

Myth 6: To reduce the spot is possible:

Reducing the spot is convinced that the fat, you can say you land .. Belly-belly by field exercises focus. But a colored belly has more to do, calories burned and food as the number of crunches you. The fact is that if the body of fat consumed, it takes a little bit of all parties.

Myth 7: The more you exercise, plus:

Many people think that if some exercise is good, more is better. Remember that there is no real muscle growth in the category of room. With good food and the rest of the body strengthens the muscles and bones in response to the movement, and in preparation for the next meeting physical activity. Without adequate rest, the agency has never had a chance on the muscle.

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