How Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?

Using hypnosis to help people lose weight is not about creating a zombie that will blindly follow instructions without using any conscious thought whatsoever. I know that is what many people think and hope for. They don’t want to be responsible for their own weight loss, because it’s been hard to follow through in the past. So what is scary about hypnosis to many people is actually what they really want. In essence they want someone to program them to automatically respond in a specific way so they don’t get sidetracked in their efforts to lose weight, be thinner, be able to wear a bathing suit and look sexy and great this summer.

Well all of that is possible but it won’t be achieved without your decided effort and understanding that it can be easy for you to avoid certain foods, in fact it can be a natural response to eat a normal sized meal. And what I mean by normal sized, is a meal that is healthy for a thin and fit person. So let’s get started in giving you some examples of how this is done.

Hypnosis Can Be Used In A Number Of Ways To Help With Weight Loss.

The first way is to remove unnecessary stress from your everyday life. This is the worries and concerns and added stress that make us feel uncomfortable. this negative feeling is sometimes responsible for us looking for a comforting agent. Since that comforting agent is often an extra helping of food, then that feeling alone will add a significant amount of weight. You know how this works, something to take our minds off of the discomfort. Well imagine what happens when that discomfort is lifted. If the need for comfort is gone, then we can avoid eating too much, or at the wrong times, and we can start building habits more appropriate for removing weight. So this can be the first step to weight loss using hypnosis.

What Do You Do When The Stress Is Gone?

So now we got rid of the excess stress using self hypnosis, what do we focus on next?  Building the habits of a healthy and fit person would be my best response. So, if a healthy person looks at food as fuel for their body and not something to deal with negative thoughts and feelings, we should use self hypnosis to start building better associations. You know, associations of pleasure when we eat when properly hungry. We can use self hypnosis to train ourselves back to the responses we were born with. Eating when we are just a little bit hungry and stopping when we are just a little bit full. If you can think of our hunger as it would appear on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being starving and ready to eat anything that comes close to our idea of food, and 10 being so stuffed that we have difficulty moving, then our ideal place to eat would be around the number 4 and the ideal place to stop eating would be around 7.

In Summary

These are the preliminary steps to retraining our minds using self hypnosis. Practice makes perfect. The idea in change is to start with something that you can accomplish and then moving it to the next level. Stay on track and you will find it easier to add to your success.

And I invite you to learn to do self hypnosis for weight loss. There is a nice introductory course in the techniques to get you started at this self hypnosis for weight loss link.