I travel a lot on business, often spending the whole of the working week hopping from one airport to another, sleeping in airport hotels and eating a lot of airline food. I soon learned that this busy lifestyle was not good for my waistline.

Travelling on business and meeting clients brings with it a whole load of obligations. You need to have dinner with clients and often share a few drinks after meetings in order to be sociable. When away from home it can be really hard to take the exercise that you need and to avoid the temptation of room service and your room’s mini bar.

The same applies to vacation travelling. When your’re in a holiday mood you are far more likely to give in to temptation. If you’re visiting a part of the world where the local food and restaurants are just too wonderful to resist inevitably you don’t. If you combine this with some holiday drinks and relaxing time by the pool by the time you get home your waistline may have expanded so much that your clothes don’t fit any more.

There is no quick fix to the problem of weight gain while travelling. But I shall share a few of the tactics I use to keep my weight from increasing while I’m travelling on business.

Firstly, I make it a priority to get some exercise wherever I go. This isn’t always an option, particularly if I’ve been travelling until late in the day. Whenever I can I book myself into hotels that have some good keep fit facilities like a swimming pool or gymnasium. I always try to make good use of these facilities when they’re available.

I never travel anywhere without my laptop so I keep a few keep fit workouts on my hard disk that I can follow from any hotel room. I will also try to take a vigorous stroll around the hotel neighborhood at least once every day.I have found that a vigorous ten or twenty minute walk is not only a great way to get some exercise but also helps to clear my head.

I try to make the most of every opportunity to get a little exercise and work off some of those excess calories consumed on my travels. For example, when I fly home I will always take ten minutes to walk around the perimeter of the Cardiff airport parking lot before retrieving my car. This wakes me up and makes me alert enough to drive home safely and it also burns off some of the calories picked up on the flight.

These days I always go for smaller portions in restaurants and I don’t always empty my plate, instead I eat only until I am full. These days I will always choose the healthiest option available. Many restaurants, at home and abroad, have some very healthy fresh fruit and salad options these days. And anther technique I use is eating more slowly.

Theses days I have nearly cut out alcohol completely which has brought some enormous benefits. Wherever possible these days I just drink water.

I doubt that my techniques will suit everybody but I hope that a few people will be inspired to adopt one or two practices that will help them to stay in shape.

Top Tip: When travelling, for business or pleasure, alway make certain that you have adequate and appropriate travel insurance. Nobody plans for the worst to happen, but if an accident does take place you don’t want the expense of a flight home in an air ambulance.