Most of us want to be fit and thin so that we look sexier, or fit into our clothes better.  But did you know you now have a better reason to stay fit and healthy?  The well being of your unborn baby.

A new study has shown a link between overweight and obese moms and a greater frequency of a preterm birth.  This also comes with other serious health problems from being born early.  And some of the study group had births as early as prior to 32 weeks.

From the study it appears that with overweight and obese women carry a 30 percent greater risk of a preterm baby.  Earlier than 37 weeks.  And the heavier you are the greater the risk.  For very obese moms the risk climbs to over double at 70%.

There is also a similar increased risk for early preterm birth.  that would be a birth earlier than 32 or 33 weeks.  And these risks increase for really obese women over that of overweight and just obese moms.

With the increased risk of a preterm baby comes what happens to the preterm baby.  Preterm babies have lower birth weight.  They have a higher incidence of morbidity.  So we’re talking about a higher death rate for these preterm babies.

The problem is getting worse.  It’s now shown that the most common cause of complications from pregnancy in most of the developed countries is the result of overweight and obese moms.  That’s a startling reflection on how the number of overweight and obese women have increased over the years.  In Canada it’s been reported that almost 30% of the women are overweight, and almost a quarter of the women are obese.  Pretty sad statistics about the state of health in the developed world.

Part of the problem lies with the assumption that pregnant moms are eating for two now.  And that is just not true.  If a normal diet consists of 1500 to 2000 calories, if you thought you were eating for two you might just end up eating 3000 to 4000 calories.  When in reality, as a pregnant mom, you only need to add about 300 calories onto your diet for your baby.  With all those extra calories, it’s no wonder there are so many obese and overweight pregnant moms.

But when you’re pregnant it’s probably not the right time to go on a food restricting diet.  So you should definitely get into shape prior to getting pregnant.  And after you are pregnant make really sure that you only increase your caloric intake by about 300 calories.

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