Best Workouts to Burn Fat and Get Lean
Burn The FatPhysical exercise is a major part of any long term weight loss process. But different workouts provide vastly different results when it comes to burning fat and calories. Basically, exercises fall into 2 categories: cardio workouts and strength workouts.
 Running incorporates the entire body and so is a great way to lose weight.
 Cycling also works the triceps as they continually strain by holding the handlebar.
 Not your regular gym kind of workout, but hiking is an excellent workout as it also serves as a strength workout for the legs. I believe that these are 3 of the best cardio workouts to lose weight.
Strength workouts
1. The smaller muscle groups can’t handle too much strain. They’re small. For instance, the biceps work whenever you work the back.
2. Big muscle groups have more potential to grow. This means that they can provide your with more muscle tissue and more muscle tissue means increased calorie burn.
So, the best strength workouts to burn fat and get lean are those that work mainly the big muscle groups and are aimed to increase muscle tissue.(Article summary from John Davenport)
Tips for a Fat Burning Diet
The human body’s metabolism makes weight loss difficult. In fact losing weight is a complicated process. Many people who stick to a calorie-reduced diet don’t lose weight as fast as they think they should. The key to doing that should involve three interrelated processes namely:

• Conditioning the body for optimal fat burning
• Reducing fat absorption from other sources and inducing
• Triggering the body’s natural fat burning metabolism
The above information has been condensed in the form of 12 easy tips to promote the body to burn fat all day long and thus lose weight easily.
Tip 1 Do not go hungry : It’s a good idea to have an idea of how much calorie you need to consume given your weight in order to spread your spread consumption adequately throughout the day. Excessive caloric reduction could cause the body metabolism to hit the brakes. A midmorning snack and mid-afternoon snack of about 150 calories will do the trick.

Tip 2 Drink plenty of water : We need to remember that metabolism is a process that requires water. When we consume too little water the body tends to slow down metabolism simply because it cannot ensure an optimal metabolism and getting rid of waste products. Therefore the secret to unlocking metabolism starts with drinking enough water.
Tip 3 Breathe properly : Fat metabolism is a process that also requires oxygen. Therefore a well oxygenated and well hydrated tissue is essential for optimal fat loss.
Tip 4 Eat more iron rich foods : By having low iron levels oxygen uptake is inefficient and that directly contributes to their inability to lose weight. Therefore one should eat iron-rich foods such as shellfish, lean meat, beans, cereals and spinach as they are excellent sources of dietary iron.
Tip 5 Consume more vitamin D : Vitamin D has a main role in determining how the body manages energy which directly involves fat metabolism. Tip 6 Eat plenty of fiber. Research has shown that certain types of fiber such as resistant starch can increase fat metabolism by up to 30%. Since resistant starches are resistant to digestion they are also not broken down and stored as fat. Since the body is deprived of breaking down carbohydrates it breaks down fat instead.
Tip 7 Drink more milk : Together with Vitamin D calcium too plays an indispensable role in fat metabolism. Therefore drinking milk is actually good if you want to lose weight. New research shows that three or four daily servings of low-fat mail and yogurt can help adjust your body’s fat-burning machinery by providing Vitamin D and also by reducing fat absorption from other products.
Tip 8 Eat enough protein : One of the basic things to know is that muscles play a central role in metabolism which explains why greater muscle mass increases metabolism. Research has shown that consuming protein can increase fat metabolism by about 35%.
Tip 9 Do not skip breakfast : An oatmeal breakfast with fat-free milk and a tablespoon of nuts is ideal. If one doesn’t have the time a fat-free yogurt is an excellent idea for people on the go.
Tip 10 Drink coffee or tea : Have you ever felt refreshed after a cup of coffee or tea? There is also some evidence that tea also aids weight loss. However if you suffer from diabetes then you should avoid coffee as it causes blood sugar levels to become elevated.
Tip 11 Exercise smart : Effective fat loss requires both a combination of low calories and some level of physical activity.
Tip 12 Keep off alcohol : Alcohol slows down fat metabolism. As little as two drinks can slow down fat metabolism by 75 %. Dehydration causes your body to lose water and interfere with fat metabolism. (Article summary from Ilango Karuppannan)

Burn Fat Fast With Laughing
Burn The Fat ReviewWell, when you feel happy, your brain receives nerve impulses from a neurotransmitter called dopamine. By increasing the level of dopamine in your brain, you can increase the pleasure that you feel.
Studies have shown that just by laughing, the neurotransmitter dopamine rises. This is because dopamine is associated with the pleasure and also your fight or flight response. I also find it helpful to laugh at my salad or any other food that I may not be that keen on. So to help yourself burn fat fast, just laugh. (Article summari from John C White)

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